Current Projects

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    Write Lounge

    A Mobile Writing Lab

    Write Lounge represents my efforts to develop, distribute, test, and assess a mobile application designed for composition classrooms and writing centers. It is simultaneously a resource for "micro learning" on cross-genre writing topics and a collaborative space that anyone can access and communicate without having to login or provide any personal information. Originally, it was released on the Android Marketplace and on the Apple App Store, but later was revised as a "mobile web app" so that anyone, regardless of the type of Internet-connected device they had, could access it without having to login to an application marketplace. The original version, "Saluki Write" won first place at the 2014 SIU App Competition.

    To date, seventeen writing centers across the United States have contacted me to put their center's information on the app and countless students have used it to respond to each other's ideas and build knowledge together. It is currently deprecated and a newer version is being developed.

    CLICK HERE to access an archived, mobile web app version.

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    Digital/Multimodal Literary Publishing

    A multimodal undergraduate research journal

    As the current Managing Editor of Carnegie Mellon's "The Kilt" undergraduate journal of writing and communication, I aim to provide students a chance to complete the research process through publishing and have first-hand experience with the editorial process. This project is an ongoing collaboration among first-year writing faculty at Carnegie Mellon University. This multimodal, digital journal includes text, audio, video, graphics, and an accompanying podcast for each annual issue.

    CLICK HERE to access the journal.

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    Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning for Communication Assessment Documents

    Two Python programs to evaluate text files: a dictionary tagger and a suite of NLP/ML tools

    Libra is a Python document analysis program that performs several machine learning and natural language processing functions in one package: frequency distribution plotting, bigram and trigram collocations, sentiment analysis, and topic mapping. Visit my Github to see and download Libra!

    SIMA is a Python dictionary-tagger program similar to DocuScope (built in-house at CMU) but with focus on communication-oriented language and rhetorical canons. It iterates over a tokenized, cleaned version of a text document and outputs values, frequencies, percentages.